Custom Hospitality Millwork & Casework Installers

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- Hotel Rooms, Corridors & Amenities Millwork Experience -

We know that custom millwork plays a role in the quality of your guest stay-in experience, a determining factor for repeat business. We also know that custom millwork is expensive and that faulty installations can lead to financial disaster.

Our installation teams are trained carpenters who have gained experience working with millwork and brand furniture manufacturers.


We have been installing furnishings in the most famous hotels for years, maintaining their image with precise, meticulous services in all stages. Hotel rooms may be simple and standardised or sophisticated and personalised, diversified by type. Distribution logistics are discussed with the customer to optimise times and costs. Care is taken over every tiniest detail, and our technical staff liaise constantly with the customer's project manager or architects to ensure the very best results. Luxury hotels demand extremely high quality standards, and the SAMAP technical staff's professionalism and skills ensure the customer the peace of mind provided by safe, expert hands throughout the installation project. We are used to working in association with other tradesmen such as plasterers, decorators and electricians. In general, our foreman receives all the information needed for the fitting job at the offices of the customer or the furniture producer, so our team arrives on site ready and prepared.


We install internal doors. From the outset, our offices organise every detail of these installation projects, which often involve complex logistics. Our experience of working with logistic and distribution plans enables us to use the best time-saving strategy and to interface efficiently with those in charge of unloading schedules and waste disposal.

We install doors of all kinds, with any hardware system, including electronic opening devices.

Lounge areas

SAMAP installs furnishings in the communal areas of Hotels, such as reception desks, breakfast rooms, restaurants and conference centres. Here again, our experience is at your service. We are familiar with these locations' special needs, and our staff handle every detail of the installation, to guarantee outstanding quality at all times.

Carpets and floorings

SAMAP also provides a quality installation service for carpets, parquet and marble floorings. If the floor laying service is combined with furniture installation, all operations are carefully planned to avoid any scheduling conflicts which may waste staff time. All jobs are planned to ensure efficiency and optimise time and resources.

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  • Hotel rooms
  • Custom Furniture
  • Furniture Delivery & Setup
  • Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Architectural Walls
  • Electrical Work

Installation Personnel

  • Qualified Carpenters
  • Licensed Electricians
  • Licensed Plumbers
  • Qualified Installers
  • International Project Managers
  • Specialised Artisans
  • Tilers and builders


  • Travel and on-site Logistics
  • Transport
  • Storage facilities with CCTV
  • Maintenance
  • Technical consulting
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom design