Residential Furniture Installation

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We have installed furniture in the country's most luxurious homes; whether classical or modern we strive to create perfect harmony and take meticulous care over even the smallest detail.

Luxury Homes

We have installed furnishings and boiserie panels in the world's most luxurious homes in spectacular locations, with exquisite finishings and stunning, inventive interior design. Dream-homes, where quality and luxury reach new heights. SAMAP installs special custom-built furniture, automated fittings, boiserie panels and wall coverings in the most incredible homes.

Doors, windows and shutters

SAMAP also installs internal doors. From the outset, our offices organise every detail of these installation projects, which often involve complex logistics.Our experience of working with logistic and distribution plans enables us to use the best time-saving strategy and to interface efficiently with those in charge of unloading schedules and waste disposal. We install doors of all kinds, with any hardware system, including electronic opening devices.

We install doors of all kinds, with any hardware system, including electronic opening devices.

Floor and wall coverings

SAMAP has staff specifically skilled in the laying of wooden floorings and wall coverings. Here again, our experience is at your service. to achieve the highest quality levels. We are familiar with these operations' special needs, and our staff handle every detail of the installation.

Marble floor and wall coverings

SAMAP supplies specialist services for the installation of marble floorings and wall coverings. Materials are laid by master craftsmen specialised in this specific type of process, who create genuine works of art on site. The SAMAP technical staff take meticulous care over every detail of the installation, guaranteeing the very highest quality at all times. SAMAP aims for outstanding quality in every job, especially important when laying marble, as the outcomes are crucial for the prestige of the entire building.