A tradition of installing custom-built furnishings
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Key Company Characteristics


Samap USA Corp. has grown over the years to become an established provider of architectural, commercial and custom millwork installation across the USA and Canada. We offer a complete service, from project planning to the final installation of luxury custom furniture for various industries.


We are a member of the united brotherhood of the carpenters and joiners of America. Having this membership means that we can provide professional furniture installation services across the country.


Our installers are skilled carpenters who have extensive experience in custom-built furniture. They know how to handle different materials, make custom on-site modifications, and install luxury furniture in diverse environments.


We have centralised offices that organise travel, accommodation, and personnel transfers. We also take care of shipments and transport of materials. We offer the following services to support our installation:

  • large goods storage facility
  • logistics crews with container handling capabilities
  • forklifts for fast, safe truck loading and unloading
  • complete equipment for installing and fitting furnishings on the various sites
  • vehicles for customised deliveries
  • network of trusted partners for large consignments and international shipments


Our projects range from short-term single-unit installations to long-term, multiple unit installations with teams of engineers, project managers, and dedicated site managers to ensure that our projects run on time and budget.

Our Mission

International Experience, Local Know-How

Every installation project is undertaken with the extreme attention to details and craftsman-like care, regardless of its scale or type.

Our mission is to ensure that our work is the constant expression and confirmation of professionalism, based on tradition and a passion for what we do, and that the final result achieves excellent quality levels, with impeccable workmanship.

We are proud that our tradition, addressed to the new millennium and nourished by continual innovation and updating, has found favour with the top retail brands on every continent.