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Specialised in Luxury brands

Since 1989, we've been working with our customers to create luxury retail environments. Based out of our NJ HQ we serve many international luxury brands, providing shop fitting and furniture installation services across the country.

We understand your challenges

We know that retail installation projects can be difficult. There are endless challenges such as avoiding any interruptions during retail hours, overcoming location access difficulties, getting temporary work permits in malls, organising debris removal, and so on the list is endless. You also have the added worry of potential unpacking and installation errors (after all, custom furniture is expensive).

With us, you can rest assured. Our installers are trained to handle complex, custom installations in shopping malls and retail parks, luxury airport malls, and high end boutiques. We work around any retail hours and any location access challenges. Moreover, our installers are all trained by custom furniture manufacturers on product-specific packing, unpacking, assembly and final installation.

We can handle short and long term projects, including multiple unit installations across different states. Furthermore, we can work in union environments as we are a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

So we understand your challenge and can support you throughout your project.

We provide a complete shopfitting solution

Shop Fitting

  • Store Fixtures
  • Custom Furniture
  • Furniture Delivery & Setup
  • Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Architectural Walls
  • Electrical Work

Installation Personnel

  • Qualified Carpenters
  • Licensed Electricians
  • Licensed Plumbers
  • Qualified Installers
  • International Project Managers
  • Specialised Artisans
  • Tilers and builders


  • Travel and on-site Logistics
  • Transport
  • Storage facilities with CCTV
  • Maintenance
  • Technical consulting
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom design

Retail Installation

These are just some examples of the retail installation solutions that we can provide...


For the final customer, boutiques are the most important retail stores. Every tiniest detail must be finished to the highest standards. Our technical staff liaise constantly with the customer's project manager or architects to ensure the very best results.

Boutiques are generally in exclusive locations, where the SAMAP technical staff's professionalism and skills ensure the customer the peace of mind provided by safe, expert hands throughout the shop fitting project. We are used to working in association with other tradesmen such as plasterers, decorators and electricians. In general, our foreman receives all the information needed for the fitting job at the offices of the customer or the furniture producer, so our team arrives on site ready and prepared.


We install corners for the brands whose boutiques we fit. From the outset, our offices organise every detail of these installation projects, which often involve complex logistics.

Our experience of working in luxury malls means we interface efficiently with those in charge of work permits, unloading schedules and waste disposal. Corner installation projects may not last long but they require absolutely precise organisation to ensure that handover times are met.

Temporary Corners

We handle the installation of temporary corners within existing stores. Shops-in-shops are becoming more and more popular, and take the form of eye-catching temporary installations dedicated to seasonal events or product promotions. Here again, we take care of everything: from collection of the materials to installation and restoration of the original fittings after the event.

Corners on ships

SAMAP undertakes fitting jobs on ships, mainly in on-board retail outlets. Here again, our experience is at your service. We are familiar with the problems these locations involve, and have specific equipment for ships to simplify the handling of materials within multi-level spaces.

We have undertaken shop fitting projects on the world's top cruise liners, such as the Caribbean and the Mariner.